What we do


Queensland Water Engineering

Queensland Water Engineering specialises in engineering water pumping and delivery solutions.  We design, supply, and install irrigation and pumping and transfer systems, mainly for agriculture, mining, and associated industries - from large water pumping applications to small domestic pumps.

Queensland Water Engineering provides the following products and services:

  • Design Services by experienced Irrigation and Pumping Specialists

  • Trenching and Pipe-laying

  • Poly Welding

  • Custom made components and fittings

  • Reinke Irrigators

  • Pumps:

    • Submersible / Axial Flow / Mixed Flow / Flood Lifters / Centrifugal / River Pumps / Solar

  • Motors: Variable Speed Drive / Electric / Diesel / Solar

  • Repairs and Refurbishments

  • Spare Parts and Fittings including:

    • Poly / Galvanized / Black Steel / Irrigation Sprinklers / PVC pressure fittings

Queensland Water Engineering’s staff of experienced designers will work with you to design the best possible system.


QWE supplies and services the full range of Reinke Irrigators.  Our Reinke Plus Certified Technicians are ready to assist with your requirements.

Reinke Irrigators are designed to suit your needs, and can be equipped with a range of guidance options, control panels, sprinkler packages, remote control operation, and monitoring.


From concept design through to installation and completion, QWE can offer a complete range of services for your irrigation requirements.  We have the equipment and experienced staff needed to get the job done.


QWE has the experience to assist you with your water transfer needs from solar submersible bore hole pumps through to the largest of water harvesting pumps.

We supply, manufacture, service, repair, or replace a wide range of water infrastructure equipment, whatever your requirements are.


Queensland Water Engineering can design and install all of your pipeline needs, including:

  • Poly Pipe

  • Steel

  • PVC

  • Concrete

  • Ductile Iron – Concrete Lined


We have an extensive range of pipe and fittings for all your irrigation, stock, and domestic needs.  We carry a range of fittings in Galvanised, Brass and Poly Threaded Fittings, High Pressure PVC Fittings, Rural & Metric Poly Fittings, Cast Iron Pipeline Fittings, Stainless Steel Repair Clamps, Black Steel Fittings, and Flanged Galvanised Fittings.

Drop in and visit our showroom where our experienced team can assist and advise you on the right product for your needs.


Queensland Water Engineering can supply and install a pump to suit your needs including:

  • Large Bore Axial Flow Pumps

  • Mixed Flow Pumps

  • Submersible Pumps

  • Turbine & Line Shaft Pumps

  • Vertical Multi-stage Pumps

  • Household Pressure Pumps

  • Fire-fighters

  • Mine Dewatering Pumps

Choosing the right pump for your job is critical.  Choosing the right power source is also critical.  We have access to many brands and can supply the right type to suit your needs.


Queensland Water Engineering specialises in repairing and refurbishing all makes of Axial Flow and Mixed Flow pumps.  With our crane truck, when can remove your pump from site and reinstall it when the repairs are complete.

Our pump technicians are experienced in the repairs of all types of pumps such as:

  • Electric Submersibles

  • Turbines

  • Mono Pumps

  • Household pressure pumps


“Get the right advice – first time”